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At Maple School, the teaching staff and the management help child by providing a personal care, realistic and concrete environment, completely adapted to their size and abilities. Children experience that they can actually do what ‘elderly people’ do; this empowers them. They experience unconsciously that they can make a contribution to the group, which gives them a feeling of being a valued member. This is one of the first steps in becoming a well functioning social being.
The child becomes what he/she lives! Hence, being actively engaged is very important. The hands are the tools of the brain. Kids love to try, touch and experience! They discover the world around them and simultaneously discover their own abilities. The feeling of ‘I can do it by myself’.
The environment is completely adapted to their size and needs. This helps them to get dressed by themselves, go to the toilet, eat and drink independently, choose activities, and by doing so the child develops as an individual and also ability to think independently.
Due to the intense absorption of everything that surrounds them, children thrive well in a bilingual environment. They absorb new languages, as long as the same person speaks the same language to the child and the language is offered in a concrete, child-oriented manner. In the classroom this means full-time interaction with several teachers and all of their friends, who speak either English or regional languages to the child.  The teachers make eye contact and use objects and actions with the children, thus stimulating understanding in a caring and non- threatening atmosphere.

Why Maple School


Individualised Education

The cornerstone of our approach is respect for each child. Nature provides every child with a set of genes. Not one child is the same. The eating patterns and sleeping patterns differ, and so does the manner of making contact, the likes and dislikes. The time a child starts to walk, talk and socialise is also different thus all together giving us a glimpse on what kind of child we have in front of us.
The child has a natural urge of wanting to develop. Nature is amazing and has built in common sensitivities during the different stages of development. Thus assisting the child in developing an array of characteristics and skills.

Knowing that every child is different should force the world to rethink education. One size does not fit all! Grouping children with peers of only the same age is not an answer either since the personality and the learning styles differs.
Individualised education continues during the classes. Even though students are divided in small groups according to their ages, they find themselves in an open plan classroom, observe what others are doing. They have lots of contact with all students and can change within groups per subject as their level and thus urges the motivation levels too. Due to the small size of our children teachers know all students well and can work on the academic as well as the social and emotional development.


Unique learning environments

⦁ Play while you learn and learn while you play
⦁ Regular class room techniques
⦁ Social learning – group based activities
⦁ Explorica – where every child learns what’s in for me next.
⦁ Regular Field Trips

Educational Tools


Audio is used to stimulate the child to repeat what they have heard and follow the lyrics & music, lets them dance which helps the child to open up their mind and becomes more receptive


These are tools to enhance the child’s creativity in coming up with a structure of their own and explaining what it is. Thus the child try’s every different structure thereby building their logical thinking and what it really represents.


Ample of space for child for outdoor playing, at Maple School there is a swing, Slide and basketball ring, Jumping ring, bicycles, cars, rope climbing.


This is very important tool as the child will be able to record all the visuals they have seen and store them in the sub conscious brain and lets them recall when they need, thus enabling the child to use the sub conscious brain often. In this session the child is allowed to watch rhymes, children dances, moral science stories/Fairy tale stories etc.


The tool enables to child to think logically where to place the right shape to fit to make a complete object of animals birds, shapes of objects etc, thus the child gets the feel of he/she has already see these earlier. Therefore, preparing them for the next level.

The aims behind the equipment are many:

– Visualisation of concepts
– To help the feeling of “ I can do it”; development of self-esteem
– Helping children to work independently
– Helping children in working together (Primary)
– Presenting academic topics at the child’s personal level
– Differentiating per child
– Stimulating concentration by focusing on one concept at the time
– Self correction
– facilitating a positive attitude towards trying new concepts
– Stimulating the love of learning!

The Principal & the teacher knows on a daily level, the achievements and interests of the children and consequently knows which step to present next. A detailed record keeping system helps the teacher in guiding the child simultaneously in all areas and subjects.


At Maple School the curriculum is set at very high standard when compared to any other schools, the School Director, Principal, HOO are personally involved in selecting the text books and type of note books to be issued to children, Even the assignment sheets, monthly concepts, patterns, educational events, examination papers are meticulously vouched by the director, principal and HOO to ensure that every child gets the right and best quality education.

Our core team

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